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Burn the House

A Novel of Black American Exile in Sweden


“You get a job. You find a pretty Swedish girl. Fall in love.  Forget about America.  You will be happy.”



A thought provoking novel of international intrigue that explores the adjustment of a black Vietnam War deserter, late from the Jim Crow South, to a life of exile in Sweden.  Love, politics, and a dark view of the world drives Billy Phillips to an unconscionable, but ultimately, revelatory act.





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Josie of Birmingham

A Middle Grades Novel


She dreams of flying to the moon, but a city stands between her and her dream.



If you think marching in a civil rights demonstration is hard, try integrating a school! In 1960s Birmingham, Alabama, ten-year old Josie Williams dreams of being an astronaut and seeing the world.  But to fulfill her dreams, she must first stand up to the laws that would keep her confined to her segregated life.  With wonder, jubilance and more than a little chutzpah, Josie and her family rise to the occasion. 







Marly Rusoff & Associates, Inc.
PO Box 524
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Phone: 914-961-7939


Illustration inspired by Sarah Miller’s “This is Birmingham” series.

















Alabama-based singer-songwriter Eric Erdman has written a very moving response to THE VAIN CONVERSATION for the TRIO project, which brings together visual artists, musicians and writers in conversation.  Click on the image of Erdman to hear his song.  Click on the TRIO logo to learn more about the program and to see other artists.

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The Vain Conversation vividly evokes the horrors of American racism, but Anthony Grooms never denies the humanity of his characters, whether black or white, young or old. His novel achieves what only the best literature can give us: it refuses too-easy consolations or too-easy condemnations. When we finish the last page, the book is not finished with us. It will haunt us.

--Ron Rash, New York Times Best Selling Author, Serena, The World Made Straight, One Foot in Eden

Story River Books/

University of South Carolina Press, 2018

ISBN 1611178827,

ISBN 13 9781611178821