Video clips from Mississippi Broadcasting's  "Writers" program                                                                                                         with Gene Edwards, host, Diedre Johnson and Ravi Howard

.                                                                                                in 2009.

Writers: African American Writers

Somebody Else, Somewhere Else: The Raymond Andrews Story

A film by Jessie Freeman and Milk Crate Productions that debuted on Georgia Public Broadcasting in 2010.

Interviews with Richard Bausch, Benny Andrews and Anthony Grooms

Click on image at left for link to film.

D.C. and the Civil Rights Movement Panel

A video of a panel discussion featuring journalist Simeon Baker and professor Maurice Jackson at Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington D. C.  The panel was a part of "Live to Read", Washington's common book program, which selected BOMBINGHAM in 2013.  Click on the store logo for the link.

Literary Atlanta Podcast

 Allison Law interviews me about The Vain Conversation.  February 15, 2018.  Click on image to go to link.

Early Launch of The Vain Conversation

Book launch at Writers at the Wrecking Bar, sponsored by

A Cappella Books.  In conversation with Ruthie C. Yow.  February 15, 2018, Atlanta, GA.

TVC Clips

Clips about The Vain Conversation, including how to have a conversation about race that isn't vain. Click on the image to the right.

















Alabama-based singer-songwriter Eric Erdman has written a very moving response to THE VAIN CONVERSATION for the TRIO project, which brings together visual artists, musicians and writers in conversation.  Click on the image of Erdman to hear his song.  Click on the TRIO logo to learn more about the program and to see other artists.

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The Vain Conversation vividly evokes the horrors of American racism, but Anthony Grooms never denies the humanity of his characters, whether black or white, young or old. His novel achieves what only the best literature can give us: it refuses too-easy consolations or too-easy condemnations. When we finish the last page, the book is not finished with us. It will haunt us.

--Ron Rash, New York Times Best Selling Author, Serena, The World Made Straight, One Foot in Eden

Story River Books/

University of South Carolina Press, 2018

ISBN 1611178827,

ISBN 13 9781611178821