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COMING JUNE 13, 2023!

The Vain Conversation 




Grooms_The Vain Conversation_cover.jpeg

Anthony Grooms began his enviable career with the marvelous novel, BOMBINGHAM, that informed the reader that often some of the truest history of Americans is told in the stories of those who live at the periphery of the big historical goings-on.  Now, with his new novel, THE VAIN CONVERSATION, Grooms continues with that special way of seeing human history with the journey of Lonnie Henson, a white boy in rural Bethany, Georgia, at the end of World War II.

We ask many things of the writers we have taken to our hearts – honesty, sincerity, sensitivity, “old verities,” to borrow Faulkner’s phrase. I suspect that those are things Grooms did not have to learn because they were already in his blood before he wrote his first words.

        Edward P. Jones, author of The Known World 

                            and winner of the Pulitzer Prize











Honored by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association!

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